Phugla (ফুগলা) Bio, Age, HomeTown, Dadagiri, SVF, Facebook, Youtube

Phugla (ফুগলা) Bio, Age, HomeTown, Dadagiri, SVF, Facebook, Youtube
Phugla (ফুগলা) Bio, Age, HomeTown, Dadagiri, SVF

Who Is Phugla (ফুগলা)?

Phugla (ফুগলা) was born on 2 February 2016 (age 7 years) in Canning Town, India, West Bengal. Social media sensation Phugla (ফুগলা) is more or less known for her sweet talk. It started with a video of Fugla and his aunt (Didimani). In that video, this ‘cute box’ angrily told the teacher, ‘মেরে ছাল তুলে দেব’. The video went viral on social media. Since then everyone knows Phugla by one name. Netizens enjoy this sweet baby’s cries mixed with screams, arrogance, and laughter.

Later, multiple videos of Phugla and her teacher aunt’s short video went viral. Fugla‘s video will make you laugh out loud. After going viral on Facebook and YouTube, he is now a part of SVF Stories. His stories have already been released by SVF Productions. The company creates short videos of 5 to 6 minutes in length on SVF Stories. The name of this series will be ‘Five Star Phugla‘.

More About Phugla

Little ফুগলা has won everyone’s hearts on social media. This sweet little one got a lot of love. Already working up to the hype. Mimi Chakraborty has made a video with ‘Eken Babu’ aka Anirbanad. But on social media, Fugla baby not only gets love, some people even sneer at her videos. Phugla’s parents and aunts are especially mocked.

His videos are going viral almost everywhere, be it on YouTube or Facebook. He also worked with SVF some time ago. A few days ago he auditioned for a TV show in Dadagiri

After going viral, Phugla (ফুগলা) came on the TV screen. One of the shots (shorts) of Phugla on the Dadagiri stage has gone viral. Sourav is seen on Dadagiri stage asking, ”আজ তুই কি সেজেছিস?” In a sweet voice he says that he has been decorated by Netaji. Sourav’s next question, ”নেতাজী কি বলতেন?” Phuglaa said “You give me blood and I will give you freedom”.

Phugla (ফুগলা) Age: 7 years

Phugla (ফুগলা) HomeTown: Canning Town, India, West Bengal

Phugla (ফুগলা) Facebook: @phuglaa (106K likes • 410K followers)

Phugla (ফুগলা) Youtube: @Phugla (170K subscribers)

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