Haimanti Ganguly (Haimanti Gangopadhyay) Biography, Age, Model, pictures, serial

Haimanti Ganguly (হৈমন্তী গাঙ্গুলী) Wiki, Biography, Age, News, Model,
Haimanti Ganguly (Haimanti Gangopadhyay) Wiki, Biography, Age, News, Model,

TV serial Actress Haimanti Gangopadhyay was born on 16 June 1990 (age 33 Years) in Baksara Road, Howrah, India. Haimanti Gangopadhyay’s Husband’s Name is Gopal Dalapati. Haimanti Gangopadhyay’s Age is 32 Years.

Haimanti Ganguly (Haimanti Gangopadhyay) Biography

TV serial Actress and Model Haimanti Ganguly was born on 16 June 1990 (age 33 Years) in Baksara Road, Howrah, India. Haimanti Ganguly’s Husband’s Name is Gopal Dalapati. Haimanti Ganguly’s Age is 32 Years. She is close to Ex-TMC Minister Madan Mitra.

This time the new name in the recruitment scam is Haimanti Ganguly (হৈমন্তী গাঙ্গুলী). Kuntal Ghosh himself floated that name. Heimanti’s mother claimed in front of the media on Friday that she does not know where Heimanti is. They are dead. The people of the house do not want to say anything special about the daughter-in-law.

According to sources, Haimanti Gangopadhyay developed a love relationship with Gopal Dalapati. Marry later. Heimanti got married in Baksara, Howrah with much fanfare. And the neighbors saw Heimanti’s picture that day and said, why don’t I know? I came to her wedding. I have seen him since childhood. Neighbors say that Heimanti Gangopadhyay and Gopal Dalapati got married with much fanfare. But then?

According to sources, a company called Heimanti Aagro Limited was also created. That office is in Kolkata. But no one comes to that office now. Meanwhile, Heimanti has not come to Kolkata’s flat for some time. Gopal Dalapati also lived here. Gopal was in contact with the residents of the flat. But Heimanti used to talk a little at times. Haimanti Gangopadhyay’s movie script is lying on the stair landing outside that float.

Who is Haimanti Ganguly (Haimanti Gangopadhyay)?

However, Heimanti’s mother claimed that Heimanti was divorced from Gopal. However, according to sources, Heimanti contacted Gopal again after coming out of Tihar Jail. And then the name of Gopal Dalapati changed to Armaan Ganguly. Haimanti Gangopadhyay even invested in a film with an acquaintance of his from Howrah. But the question is whether the money of the recruitment scam was also invested in Tollywood through Gopal Dalapati and Heimanti. That question also arises.

Meanwhile, Heimanti’s sister also opened her mouth in front of the media. Actually, that he is upset with Didi can also be seen on this day. Heimanti’s sister says, find out where Didi is. We will know from where!

Model Haimanti Ganguly’s original home on Baksara Road, Howrah. Mother, sister, and father live there. Heimanti also used to come occasionally. He came a few days ago. However, the neighbors do not understand that the recruitment scandal will be linked to the neighborhood girl. Everything seems like a puzzle to them.

Heimanti’s mother said that they got married according to their choice. We did not object. What is meant to be will be. They are dead… practically the daughter expressed her displeasure with the son-in-law.

Who is Haimanti Gangopadhyay?

Haimanti Gangopadhyay is a Bengali TV Serial Model, she was born on 16 June 1990 in Baksara Road, Howrah, WB. Haimanti Gangopadhyay age is 32 Years. Haimanti Gangopadhyay Husband Name is Gopal Dalapati.

Haimanti Ganguly Instagram ID @gangulyhaimanti 

Haimanti Gangopadhyay Model Instagram ID @gangulyhaimanti 

Haimanti Ganguly age: 32 Years

Madan Mitra and Haimanti Ganguly viral photo, ex-minister says, people, keep my photo at home, like Ravi-photo

Madan Mitra and Haimanti Ganguly Gadgad photo, ex-minister says, people, keep my photo at home, like Ravi-photo
Madan Mitra and Haimanti Ganguly Gadgad photo, ex-minister says, people, keep my photo at home, like Ravi-photo

Like Rabindranath, his pictures keep people in their homes. And he has no problem with that. Speaker Trinamool MLA Madan Mitra. Madan made this comment in reference to the viral identity of the ‘mysterious’ Haimanti Gangopadhyay Model, who was involved in recruitment corruption with him. Hooghly Youth Trinamool leader Kuntal Ghosh, who was caught by the ED, claimed that Gopal Dalapati’s wife Heimanti was involved in recruitment corruption. And since then there has been curiosity about Heimanti. There is also a mystery. In this atmosphere, the picture of Heimanti with Madan is public. However, the Trinamool leader claims that he does not know anyone called Haimanti. No acquaintance with Kuntal or Gopal. Many women take pictures with him every day, asking for selfies. He kept that promise and many people kept that picture tied up at home. For example, Rabindranath’s picture is tied up.

In Madan’s words, “Many people take pictures with me and keep them tied up. What’s the problem if people hang up Rabindranath’s picture, so do they hang up my picture?”

The MLA from Kamarhati also clarified that even though his name is involved in corruption with his picture in public, he is not involved in any kind of corruption.

But Madan did not deny that this picture is his. Trinamool leader’s comment in this context, “It is clearly seen that the picture is mine. I have seen since my college life that when my picture comes out it goes viral. For example, Uttamkumar’s picture hangs in the studio. Similarly, if you take a picture with me, it goes viral. If girls look a little fairer I think they are all the same. Can’t understand it separately. After that, I forget where I saw it when I saw it.

Madan is familiar with the Trinamool leadership of all districts in political sources. But the Kamarhati MLA claimed that he did not know the ‘low-level’ leaders very much. He said, “Not Haimanti, I don’t know this Kuntal or Dalpati either.” I know Tapan Dasgupta, Kalyan Banerjee from Hooghly district. I don’t know many low level leaders. Only those who know them can tell.

Besides, Madan said that when he went to jail in Sarda Kand, the whole country came to know. But no one knows who they are. But Madan also claimed that if Kuntal, or Gopal, who is involved in corruption, is a Trinamool member, then his party will make its position clear.

Haimanti Ganguly Wiki, Bio

Real Name Haimanti Ganguly
Birth NameHaimanti Gangopadhyay
Age33 years
Born16 June 1990
HometownBaksara Road, Howrah, India
Husband nameGopal Dalapati
Haimanti Ganguly ProfessionModel, Actress
Haimanti Ganguly Instagram ID@gangulyhaimanti 
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Roll number of candidates who got jobs in the school on the paper found outside Heimanti’s flat?

Is Haimanti Ganguly (হৈমন্তী গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়) involved in recruitment corruption? On Saturday morning, several papers, and old files were found in a pile of dirt near Behala’s flat. Two of those papers contain lists of numbers. It is believed to be the roll number of job seekers. Because the roll numbers of the three TET candidates of 2014 have exactly matched the three numbers of the list in that paper. Although initially, it seems to be a coincidence, the protesting job seekers claim that those who have that roll number, have already got the job. On the other hand, the ‘breakup’ of the TET candidates’ marks published by the Board of Primary Education at the end of 2022, also includes the roll numbers. As a result, it is believed that there may be a link between the two.

Gopal Dalapati’s name is involved in a recruitment corruption case. Several papers were found on Saturday in the house of Gopal’s ‘wife’ Heimanti. Two of them have multiple nine-digit numbers written on them. Nine digit roll number is used in competitive examinations. On the other hand, the recruitment process for 16 thousand 500 vacancies of primary teachers started in 2021. The board issued the recruitment notification in 2020. Those candidates who cleared TATE in 2014 and ’16 were recruited in that round. They were interviewed in 2021. For those who cleared TET in 2014, the board gave the break-up (how much they scored in written and interview) in 2022 a few days ago. It is also seen from that list that the roll numbers of the three candidates match exactly with the documents found near Heimanti’s flat.

The Tet Pass protesters have been protesting at the foot of the Gandhi statue for a long time. Some of them claim that the persons with the roll numbers found in the paper found near Heimanti’s house have got jobs. In this context, 2014 TATE candidate Achintya Samant said, “Those candidates in the board’s list, who are working, their roll number matches with the paper of Heimanti’s house.”

Papers and old files were found in a pile of dirt near Heimanti’s flat. A ‘share application’ form dated 2013 was also found there. It is again written to the ‘Board of Directors’. A paper bearing the name of Heimanti’s father, Sadhgopal Gangopadhyay, is presumed to be a business paper. Again, the script writing paper of a movie was also found in it. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) summoned Gopal Dalapati for questioning based on the complaint of Tapas Mondal and Kuntal Ghosh, who were arrested for ‘corruption’ in recruitment. This time a new mystery has been created about him and his ‘wife’ Haimanti Ganguly. Kuntal was the first to bring Heimanti’s name to the public. Haimanti’s mother claims that this woman is Gopal’s second wife and they are separated.

‘I didn’t know that I was married…’, producer-director shocked by mysterious Heimanti case

Haimanti Ganguly (হৈমন্তী গঙ্গোপাধ্যায়) is now very popular in the state. Although she entered the field as an actress, she is currently known as a name in recruitment corruption cases. One after another, various names have come forward in the recruitment corruption case. Many famous faces from leaders and ministers are now spending their days in jail. Meanwhile, the sudden arrival of Heimanti in spring is considered somewhat significant by all. Haimanti Ganguly (Hemanti Gangopadhyay) worked in 2022 in producer-actor Subrata Nandi’s film Guts. How was Heimanti on the set of the film?

The shooting of the film was completed in October 2022. Basically, the film is going to be made with character artists. The actress used to come to the shooting floor every day. How was his behavior? In the words of producer-actor Subrata, “He used to come to shooting, work and leave. We used to pick up from the technician studio every day. He had a problem with that. He often asked us to drop him home. Which is only five minutes away from his house. He said a lot of things have to be given forward. But, we didn’t do Alao. Because, we said if you are given an advantage, then it should be done for everyone. That is not possible”.

Heimanti used to come to the shooting floor every day. Could Heimanti be connected to something that no one has ever understood? Could there be any influential additions understood? The producer said, “Leave it influential. I did not know that he was married. It is showing in the news, now I know. I auditioned him first. He was selected there. After that, the director and we all decide together that he will be taken. I am surprised how it is possible”.

Director Kingshuk Dey also said the same. “Separation has never been spoken of as without action. But there is an idea about everyone. But, this is a different matter. I didn’t even know that Gopal Dalpati was her husband. It is absolutely amazing.”